Saturday, December 6, 2014

Urban Sketchers Sydney at Mortuary Station

Mortuary Station, Regent Street, Sydney, from yesterday’s Urban Sketchers meet. This Gothic inspired style Sandstone structure was built in 1869. It’s original purpose was to receive the dead of the city, as they began their journey by train (along with mourners) out to Rookwood Cemetery. Such a detailed building that I appreciate so much more having sketched it. It as designed by James Barnet who also worked on the Sydney GPO in Martin Place and several other Sydney Buildings.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Coptic bound Sketchbook

Thanks to the guidance, time and patience - and the sharing of tools and materials - from sketcher Wendy Shortland I have recently completed my first Coptic bound Sketchbook. It took two sittings with Wendy and several hours for the full process from tearing the full size Canaletto 200gsm hot press paper and folding into signatures, making the covers and stitching the binding.

I'm very pleased with the outcome and looking forward to trialling it. The green fern cover paper was from Wendy's stash and I was fortunate that my friend Ethna shared with me more botanical themed paper for the end pages.

I'd like to make more - possibly with fabric covers, but for the moment will start getting used to this paper.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Urban Sketchers Sydney at Millers Point

Many historic buildings to sketch at Millers Point for the USK Sydney meet yesterday. My favourite is this one. The Lord Nelson Hotel was first licensed in 1841 when its landlord was William Wells, a former convict. It s believed to be the oldest existing hotel building in Sydney. (from the green historic plaque on the wall)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Urban Sketchers Sydney - Manly Jazz Festival

Urban Sketchers Sydney were entertained by free live jazz under bright sunshine today at Manly's annual Jazz Festival. We wandered from the ferry wharf along The Corso where some of us stopped to sketch in and around the New Brighton Hotel. Its an oddly shaped building due to its location on a very sharp corner of The Corso and Sydney Road.

It was the perfect day for people sketching. Wish I'd done more. I will have to remember that aside from all the fantastic live music, the musicians have to stay in the one spot for at least 30 mins so make great sketch subjects.

Friday, October 3, 2014

How to make a Terrarium

The Storytelling course from Sketchbook Skool is underway. Koosje Koene provides instruction as to drawing a recipe. I slightly tweaked it for indoor gardening.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sktchy Crowd

In a bid to further develop sketching people I've been trialling a combination of portraits together from my favourite inspiration App 'Sktchy'.

The first try was a page of women. I'm happy with the result but still spend more time than I had hoped on each person. My aim is to be faster and more responsive to shapes and profiles.

 For the Sktchy men, drawing more people smaller worked better. It helped me to simplify the line work and study variations in angles and features between the people.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Urban Sketchers Sydney - Surry Hills

Continued Sydney wet weather made Surry Hills cafes the perfect spot for our latest Urban Sketchers meet. There was the option of some great streetscapes and the more hardy sketchers braved the soggy conditions to sketch them. But the Book Kitchen in Devonshire Street proved too tempting for me.

The choice to stay indoors was rewarded with a nice clear view of fellow sketcher Chris. Followed by another angle of a couple on bar stools with their back to me. Great for a sketcher a little too timid to sketch strangers face to face. This time there was 10 minutes or so to study body language and profiles, and with the benefit of practicing contours lately, the shapes and proportions seemed to draw on my page much quicker and more accurately. There must be a tipping point on this sketching journey that's getting closer. When I will recall faces from photo references I've drawn in the past and have them start to seep into drawing from life. It's still a great challenge to sketch accurately when people are constantly shifting position and turning their heads in conversation. Maybe another thousand or so? I'm fairly sure though that contour drawing is helping me lots.
After my small triumph in the cafĂ© the sun came out and I joined other sketchers across the road to record the Bourke Street Bakery. Another good spot for people sketching due to the queues! Very popular! This sketch was rushed as time was short and I think I spent as much time adding in the brick texture later  as I did doing the rest of the sketch on site. The day was made the merrier by a little girl Alice who came to chat and watch us sketch whilst her Mum queued. She had a real keenness for what we were up to. She signed my picture quite happily. Hope she went home to sketch!